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The permaculture flower illustrates the core domains of permaculture.

Tools & Technology is one of the domains of permaculture. This domain covers topics such as:[1]

Reuse and creative recycling 
Decentralized and context specific reuse or repurpose of materials through craft, rather than centralized industrial recycling
Hand tools 
Recovery and maintenance of traditional hand tools and skills
Bicycles and electric bicycles 
Human powered bicycles and assisted transport that improves the efficiency of the human body
Efficient and low pollution wood stoves 
Rocket stove and other stove designs using simple materials and local construction
Fuels from organic wastes 
Biodiesel, methanol, biogas, and wood gas for local cooking, electricity, and transport
Wood gasification 
Efficient and carbon neutral fuel for local electric power and vehicle transport
Biochar from forest wastes 
Charcoal soil improver and carbon capture
Use of fuel to generate electricity and provide heat for on-site use
Micro hydro and small-scale wind turbines 
Simple renewable technologies for remote and local grid power
Renewable energy powering the electrical grid 
Use of the electric grid as a "battery" for localized power generation
Energy storage 
Heat banks, pumped storage (water), compressed air, and other simple temporary stores of energy
Transition engineering 
Re-localisation of the maintenance, retrofit and redesign of infrastructure and technology