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Methanol is a type of alcohol that is commonly used as a fuel source.

Methanol is a type of alcohol and is fatal if consumed.[1] It has a similar odor and appearance to ethanol and is used as a fuel source. It was first made from distillation of wood shavings and is frequently refereed to as wood alcohol.[2]

Methanol production

A still is needed for methanol production. As methanol is highly corrosive, a stainless steel still and proper tubing is strongly recommended.

  1. Prepare wood by shaving or chunking it. Smaller pieces makes it easier to extract the alcohol.
  2. Place the wood in the still and secure the lid.
  3. Heat the still. As a flame from a heating source does not come into direct contact with the shaved or chunked wood, it will not ignite. Burning the wood will not yield methanol.
  4. Collect the vapor from the still.
  5. Store in an area with proper ventilation in an explosion and spill proof container that is protected from fire.