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CoolBot in use.

CoolBot is an electronic device that connects with a residential air conditioner or mini-split[1] to override its internal settings. The device allows the cooling device to operate below its typical minimum temperature range of 60°F until a temperature specified on a CoolBot is reached. It enables inexpensive and commonly available cooling devices designed for larger rooms to cool smaller rooms to a temperature as low as 36°F without the need of expensive and professionally maintained commercial grade equipment. An ideal room for a CoolBot has a minimum of R25-value rigid-foam insulation[2], is opened less than 6 times per hour[2], and has a large amount of thermal mass to maintain its lower temperature.

For larger rooms with greater BTU requirements, multiple air conditioners or mini-splits can be used; however, each cooling device needs its own CoolBot.

Air conditioner sizing
BTUs Needed to Maintain
Cubic Feet 34-37°F 38-49°F 50-60°F
128 8,000 6,000 5,000
288 12,000 8,000 5,000
384 15,000 10,000 5,000
512 18,000 12,000 7,000
640 24,000 15,000 8,000
768 24,000 18,000 10,000
1120 36,000 24,000 15,000