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Apple juice fermenting into cider.

Cider is an alcoholic beverage made from fermenting fruit juices, primarily from apples, that has an alcoholic level around 3-6%. It is similar to wine, which has an alcoholic level around 10-12%. In the United States, unfiltered non-alcoholic fruit juice is sometimes referred to as cider, with hard cider used to identify alcoholic varieties.


These directions will make a basic, non-sparkling cider.

  1. Make or acquire apple juice
    • Commercially available apple juice may be used but it can not include preservatives
  2. Place apple juice in a sterile, sealable container
    • If using commercially available apple juice, the container the juice came in can often be used
  3. Add a desired Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast variety to the juice
    • Additional additives are sometimes included
  4. Seal the container using a Bubbler Airlock lid or a balloon
    • Use the airlock lid as directed, most will require water to be added into the lid to create a seal
    • Airlock lids or balloons prevent contamination from outside bacteria and yeast while allowing fermenting gasses to escape
  5. Store the container in a dark environment until all the sugar is converted to alcohol
    • Typically one week