Solar energy

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Solar energy is the transformation of heat and light from the sun into electricity. This transformation occurs in a solar panel.

Solar panels should the sun exposed side, either due south or due north depending on the hemisphere. Fixed position solar panels are only 71.1% efficient, solar panels adjusted 2 times a year are 75.2% efficient, and solar panels adjusted 4 times a year are 75.7% efficient, compared to 100% efficiency of a 2-axis tracking solar panels[1] If adjusting solar panels two times a year, adjust to the summer angle on March 30 in the Northern Hemisphere and September 29 in the Southern Hemisphere, and adjust to the winter angle on September 10 in the Northern Hemisphere and March 12 in the Southern Hemisphere.[1]

Fixed position solar panels, such as ones mounted to a roof, should be mounted towards the sun exposed side and at an angle approximate equal to the degree of latitude of the location of the installation.[2]