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The Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course material was originally developed by Bill Mollison to teach the principles and foundations of permaculture. All PDC courses throughout the world follow the same format to assure the integrity of the certification process. For greatest applicability, future attendees should select a PDC course in the same zone as where they plan to cultivate.

Certificate courses must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Led by an instructor who is an established permaculture teacher with a Diploma in Education (or equivalent) credentials
    • This lead instructor must be present throughout the entire course
    • Course certificate bears their signature
  • The course provides 72+ hours of direct contact with instructors, in addition to group design time, homework assignments, self-study time, hands-on projects, visits to demonstration sites and other learning activities
  • Course material is inclusive of, but not limited to, all subjects listed in the PDC Outline
  • One design project exercise or multiple design vignettes
  • A talent show